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Anyone is welcome to apply to the market for exhibition. The following will assist you in understanding the type of products that we approve:

Proudly South African

No duplicates of what we currently have at the market

Locally produced


Not mass produced


Exhibitor Application

Are you offering local products in design, fashion, food and music that are of great quality? Then we are looking for you.

Stalls are R700 each, Stalls against a wall are R800 each + 20% donation of your turnover, Food Trucks donates R5000 and Tea Garden donates 15% of turnover.

Stall measurement: 710mm (H) x 1800mm (L) x 750mm (W) Max height of exhibit from floor 1.7m

Please remember to upload clear pictures of your product and stand to improve your chances of approval.

Applications close 30 June (every year). All approved stalls not paid by this date will be replaced by another exhibitor.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Your Details

Product / Service Details


  • Black table cloths covering the table completely & NEATLY to the ground. Any colour overlays are allowed.
  • Interesting and enticing exhibits are required. No flat displays.
  • No exhibits are allowed to lean against the walls or curtains. Exhibitor to provide strong & sturdy stands.
  • Exhibits against the wall has max height of 2m
  • Exhibits not against wall has a max height of 0.7m
  • Tables not the be overloaded
  • Products to be easily accessible to customers
  • Product under tables to be easily accessible for replenishing
  • Enough stock to be available for the whole duration of the market
  • All stock, on & under tables, to be barcoded with NXM barcodes.
  • Exhibitors to do duty at the market

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